Maine Coon cattery

Last update: February 9, 2018 17:00
Litter 12 - Metal lovers - Be yourself
Born on: February 2, 2018

Evanescence & Avatar
King en Layla are the proud parents of these beautiful 2

Bloomingcoons King of Siam
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Layla van Miraco
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Nr Name Gender/Color Availability
Avatar (Tar) Male
MCO ns 09 22
Black silver tabby with an unspecified amount of white
Evanescence (Eva) Female
MCO fs 03 22
Black silver tabby tortie bicolour
for Laura & familie until
Saturday March 10th
  • Available
    I am still looking for a golden basket.
  • Option
    Somebody thinks about giving me a nice home.
  • Evaluation
    Maybe I can stay here...
  • Reserved
    I found my golden basket!!!