Maine Coon cattery

Last update: January 20, 2018 11:30
Litter 11 - Blessings of the Universe
Born on: December 5, 2017

Sky, Black moon & Sunshine
King and Tara are the proud parents of these beautiful 3

Bloomingcoons King of Siam
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Exceptionella's Tara
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Nr Name Gender/Color Availability
Sky Female
MCO g 09 21
Blue unspecified tabby tortie with an unspecified amount of white
for Wilma & Arjan
until Monday January 22th
Black Star Male
MCO n 03 09 21
Black unspecified tabby bicolour
either he stays or he goes to Moniek and family depending on if he carries blue (gray)
Sunshine Male
MCO a 02 09 21
Blue unspecified tabby harlequin
for Laura & Family
until Sunday January 28th
  • Available
    I am still looking for a golden basket.
  • Option
    Somebody thinks about giving me a nice home.
  • Evaluation
    Maybe I can stay here...
  • Reserved
    I found my golden basket!!!